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About our venues: In 2006 we opened the ‘Hans Payan Art Gallery’ on Dunlavy St. in the Montrose area of Houston, then two years later we purchased an industrial metal building in the area of the Heights and built it as a large art gallery with 9 studios inside, ever since we opened we’ve had many group shows including photographers, sculpture’s, ceramic and painter artists on all medias. We also have nine art studios that are always occupied, we rent the studios to artists that are seeking a great and secure art venue to work in and sell their work. The name of the Gallery/Studios is the ‘Heights Art Studios & Gallery’ (short: Has-G). If you are in Houston and you are interested in renting a studio please contact at Has-g@live.com or call 713-8944480.


Last year (2012) we found another building just two blocks away from Has-G, it was an old oriental supermarket that had closed and we decided we wanted to expand our offer of art studios due to the high demand we have had in Has-G so far. We recycled the building leaving parts of it as the original supermarket making the freezer and refrigeration sections into studios and we created a garden in the back of the building to use as an outdoor exhibit platform. We have 22 studios in this building and we named it the ‘Aurora Studios’ because it is on 129 Aurora St. We operate these to building as one business, the director and curator is Hans Payan Geler and the executive director is Mr. Sean Abri.

The ‘The Aurora Studios’ has an ‘Open Studios Event’ the first Saturday of every month for 6 hours all evening and everyone is invited to attend, artists in the studios open their space to meet people, show their artwork and talk to guests. There is always food and beverages for all visitors to the event.

Hans Payan Geler

‘Heights Art Studios & Gallery’
@214 e 27 St. Houston, Tx. 77008
and the ‘Aurora Studios’
@129 Aurora St. Houston, Tx.77008
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Association-collaboration: We collaborate with the ‘Museum of the Americas’ and its director Mr.Oyuela on different art projects, exhibits and cultural trips.

Museum: www.museumamericas.org

We also collaborate on projects with performance artist & entrepreneur Maria Marticorenain Galicia, Spain;


Lobby of Has-G
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One of our many collective art shows
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Lobby of the Aurora Studios
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Artist Whadi Rondali in his studio at Has-G
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