The 2014 Spring Multi Artist Multi-Color Art Show

The Aurora Studios   invites you to…
‘The Spring 2014 Multi Colors Multi-Artists Art Show’
over 28 artists!
Music: Daniel O. -Live guitar player-
Poetry reading in studio 6 by Adam Lopez
Saturday ,April 26 7:30pm to 11:30pm
@ 129 Aurora Street, Houston, TX. 77008
713-392 6594
Food and drinks catered by artist-chef Bridgette Hebert


Silvio Liguti                      Anne Reese Hernandez 
Leticia Garcia                             Jeorge Sant Jem
Clara Johnson                             Bridgette Hebert
Felipe Guevara                                 J. L. Gambill
Geronimo Hernandez                       Gaston Carrio
Nick Chiosa                                   Aron Williams
Mary Lou Lusk                                 Yvone Ibarra
Juan Salazar                              Panich Lockelear
Bernard Oliver                                  David Gordy
Tanya Giesy                            Danyelle L. Lankin
Bridget Becker                           Suzzanna Cousin
Ryan Orosz                                  Jose Arredondo
Meryl Lou Cablo                                 Etta Harris 
Rachel Hankins                             Stephanie Mott



Our Artists retreats to Spain for 2014 are beeing booked already!
Take a look: 

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The Easter Show

The ‘Heights Art Studios & Gallery’

Invites you to our big Easter group show, 16 new artists!  


At 214 E. 27 St. in the Heights. Houston, Tx. 77008

Tel: 713-3926594



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Art show for Sharon Grace Bartlett & Kay Kemp

The Heights Art Studios & Gallery 

is proud to present:  


And in our other venue, the ‘Aurora Studios’ at 129 Aurora St. during the day we are having an ‘Open Studios Event’ from 10:00AM until 5:00PM You are welcome to stop by, host: Sheryl Farrar and other artists….
Art sale! More information: 713-3926594


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The Saint Patrick Exhibit

The Heights Art Studios & Gallery  


‘The Saint Patrick Exhibit’


16 Artists!

V. Sintron,

Colin Riley,

Bernard Oliver,

Maria Marticorena,

Lucas Rountree,

Leticia Garcia,

Dinora Alonso,

Svetlana Dinsmore,

Danyelle Lakin,

Marco Terrazas,

Alexandra Kelso,

Tatiana Margio,

Pamela Gosnell,

Kimberly Schwarzkop,

Cynthia Brown,

Silvio Ligutti  


Saturday March 1st. 2014

6:30 pm to 10:30 pm

At 214 E. 27 St. in the Heights

HoustonTX. 77008

Food and refreshments will be served


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The 2014 Erotica Show

The ‘Heights Art Studios & Gallery’ presents

-The 2014 Erotica Show-

Saturday, February 8, 2014 

At 214 E. 27 St. in the Heights
Show starts at 7:30pm to 11:30pm

$4.00 cover at door
Music, drinks, food and a special presentation of the portfolios of
Adam Lopez & Nadia Muñoz
Piercing and  Tattoo artists opening new studios in the Heights
Mark Spencer                     Photography
   Anne Reese Hernandez          Original Artwork
      Mike Brooks                        Illustrator-prints

       Bridgette Hebert                Original Artwork 
      Zoanna Maney                   Original Artwork
      Paul Choate                        Original Artwork
And from his past work on “Homoerotica” artist
Hans Payan
Come over and dare to have a good time with our artists!

-If you are easily offended by nudity or sexual explicit images please do not attend-

More information at: 713-8944480

(Catering by Aida F. Lago)


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Our second holiday group show! Sat.Dec.14th. You are invited!

The  ‘Heights Art Studios & Gallery’ 

is having its second holiday group this
Saturday, December 14, 2013 

Four of the artists from the last show are continuing in this one and the rest are new artists, a total of 12!
We cordially invite you all to come over this Saturday and join us again, bring your friends!
Here are some pictures of Saturday’s show, 
we hope that this next one will be as fantastic!
It will be up for two weeks, 
so don’t miss it and have happy holidays!

The Show starts at 6:30 pm until 10:30 pm -Refreshment will be served - at 214 E.27 Street in the Heights. 

Also at our other venue, the ‘Aurora Studios’ that same day, between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm we are having our monthly ‘Open Studios Event’, the artists are opening their studios for you, it would be wonderful if you can stop by there first and then come over to the ‘Heights Art Studios & Gallery’ for our group show right after, the buildings are only two blocks away from each other, the Aurora studios is at 129 Aurora St. at the corner of Harvard St.

More information at: 713-8944480 or 


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10 Artists! You can’t miss it!

The ‘Heights Art Studios & Gallery’  is having two holiday group shows now in December of  2013 so we cordially invite you all to our first one this
Saturday, December 7, 2013  
10 wonderful artists, most are new and have never exhibited in our venue before, we welcome them all and we hope that the people who always support our art events will come and enjoy this new group’s work and meet the artists who will be here that evening to share interesting conversation, refreshments and some food.

The Show starts at 6:30 pm until 10:30 pm
in our gallery at 214 E.27 Street in the Heights. This show will be up for only one week, so don’t miss it and have happy holidays!

More information at:713-8944480 or



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Jill Benedum-Verrall solo show

 ’Points of my Soul’

Saturday, November 23, 2013

From 6:30pm to 10:30pm

At the ‘Heights Art Studios & Gallery’ 214 E. 27 St.

Houston 77008 TX 


Dear friends, 
It’s been weeks since we had a solo show at Has-G 
and today we have the pleasure to invite you and your friends
 to a unique explosion of color with a ‘Naive-Pointillism’ collection
 of over 40 canvases created by our in-studio local Heights artist
Jill Benedum-Verrall.
I have seen her paint while she had her studio with
 us for over a year and the enthusiasm and
dedication she puts into her work is just incredible!
Dot dot dot… for up to 10 hours a day to make
one little treasure that is worth a hundred times more
that what she sells them for!

This Saturday will be a happy rainbow
 of pure joy to feast your eyes…
Chef Patrick Hart from the ‘Eatsie Boys’ cafe in Montrose 
will be serving wonderful finger food creations
such as Fillet mignon bites,
Pork belly cucumber with oyster sauce,
 Rissoto cakes, cheesecake tarts and more…
Come over and don’t miss this one!

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November Open Studio Night!

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New schedule for Aurora’s Open Studios Event!

129 Aurora Street in The Heights
Contact: Paige Moore 713 8571688

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